About Us

Paula Robinson, that’s me, the founder of The LoxLea Studio.  What came 1st, the business or the name? Definitely the business.  This is how they both came to fruition……

This is how a lot of people get started crafting – I had an operation, with lots of complications and I fell really ill, with M.E. and had to go off sick of my job as an IT Trainer.

 Whilst flat on my back, all I could do was sleep and watch TV.  Trawling through the channels I found the craft channel called Create & Craft (C&C).

As I got a little better and I could sit up for small periods of time, I got bored, I needed to do something!  I have always been artistic, drawing, painting, knitting and playing my flute (I worked it out that I’ve been playing it, badly, for over 39 years!).  Something caught my eye on C&C and I bought it.  Then I needed some glue to go with it…bought it….then some ribbons….bought it….needed sentiments….bought it…….you get the drift….I was hooked!!!  Then different techniques were aired and I bought that too, fell in love with anything to do with card crafting.

After 6 months, I was able to get back to work for 4 hours a week and that increased back up to full-time over months.  But eventually, I had to go down to 32½hrs.

From the Community Team at West Nottinghamshire College (WNC), we were all asked if we had any hobbies that we could make into a Community Course.  My work colleague, Richard Holland, painted in watercolours and oils in his spare time, he offered this and I offered card making.  We were accepted and so we taught these classes within our contracted hours.

Unfortunately, some years later Richard was made redundant from his IT Trainers position.  But still kept on his painting classes with WNC and set-up his own private classes at various venues in Nottinghamshire and his home town, Tansley in Derbyshire.  He’s been featured in many magazines, please look him up, I’ve attended his watercolour classes and he’s a fabulous painter.  Oils are his favourite medium to paint with.

During this time, I started playing wheelchair badminton at a newly set-up club in Nottingham (I used to play badminton, before the op. made me wheelchair bound).  Owen Kilburn & I started playing in the 4 Nations Parabadminton Tournaments.

Badminton England coached us to International Level (Thanks Helen Ward & Richard Morris).  For 3 seasons (3 years) I was the UK’s No.1 Seed in the Women’s Wheelchair Singles.  But, that came to an end 1 month before Parabadminton became a Paralympic Event.  The rule book did not include my disability, Functional Neurological Disorder, so I couldn’t enter any tournaments again.  Gutted wasn’t even close to how I felt – badminton was my life!

The year 2014 was not a good year – In the July of 2014 I was made redundant from the IT Trainers position.  And just like Richard I kept working for WNC Community Team as a lecturer in Card Making, 2-4hrs per week.

After being on JSA/ESA for 2 years, being head hunted several times, but they only wanted me in a full-time position and taking a University Business course, I decided to create myself a job, by going self-employed.  So here I am, still enjoying teaching and making Wedding Stationery and Greetings Cards.

I go to church, am a practising Christian (I do not preach, don’t worry, what that means is that I’m an honest person) and I help out with the church’s activities – Afternoon Tea with Ladies and An Evening of Elegance – making the placenames, table numbers, table planners, etc.  Please see the Gallery or my Facebook page www.facebook.com/theloxleastudio

The name came from a friend’s house name whichI liked, but ‘studio’ came much later after considering many different options, Loxlea Crafting….no…..Loxlea Crafts…..no….Loxlea Designs…..and then The Loxlea Studio was born, but I wanted it to look different, so the capital ‘L’ in the middle was the cherry on the top – The LoxLea Studio.  Plus, it also needed to say what I deliver as a Card Maker – ‘Bespoke and Beautiful’, thanks to my good friend Wendi McLean for describing exactly what I make.

Whilst I’m saying thank you, thank you to Carol Hall, from StepAhead (www.step-ahead.co.uk & www.j28microbusinessclub.uk) for being my Business Mentor and Joy Coulson(www.aquariusitsoftwaredesign.com) for creating this website (thanks for putting up with me!). And…..

Bless her heart; my Mum helps me when time becomes tight, with cutting out flowers & leaves and sticking the flowers onto the placenames. And helping to make Christmas tags and découpage cards.  Thanks Mum xx

Although there is only me, all the above named people have contributed in some way and that is what makes it ‘About Us’.